May 28

The coffee recipe

Why do we have a coffee recipe? The simple answer is consistency. And for the Home Barista, this is one of the most frustrating challenges we hear.

“My coffee tasted amazing yesterday. Today, I did exactly the same process, but it’s nowhere near what it tasted like yesterday. Why?!”

When we’re working with people in their homes to help them brew better coffee, our first questions to them are –

  • Did you weigh your coffee dose?
  • Are you timing your extractions?
  • What yield are you aiming for?

Most often these questions are answered with a puzzled expression and even more questions by the Home Barista. Which is understandable. Most folks don’t realise that making consistently good coffee is more than just grinding coffee and pressing a button on the machine.

The first step to getting a consistently good-tasting coffee is to follow a recipe.

You wouldn’t bake muffins without a recipe, would you? I know we definitely wouldn’t.  And so coffee should be treated the same.

And a standard 2:1 Ratio recipe is as follows:

  • Dose – 21 grams (58MM baskets)
  • Yield – 40-44 grams (2 times your dose)
  • Extraction time – 27 – 32 seconds.

Applying the recipe to your process at home will allow you to troubleshoot your extraction.

And to ensure you’re making a deliciously smooth, balanced coffee every day.

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