Mr Barista’s coffee musings

Feb 09

The plight of the home barista

It’s early morning. You’ve stumbled out of bed and made your way to the coffee machine to switch it on. It makes a noise, grumbles, and starts heating up. You do too, but you make more of a groan than a grumble. And what also starts to heat up is... read more →
May 28

The coffee recipe

Why do we have a coffee recipe? The simple answer is consistency. And for the Home Barista, this is one of the most frustrating challenges we hear. “My coffee tasted amazing yesterday. Today, I did exactly the same process, but it’s nowhere near what it tasted like yesterday. Why?!” When... read more →
Aug 12
Oct 25
Sep 30

The 1%er’s

It seems like every second person is a barista these days! Okay, maybe every third.. So, what is it that’s going to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd? It can no longer be a sweet styled moustache, a sleave of tattoo’s or a Steve Zissou beanie – these... read more →