Sep 30

The 1%er’s

It seems like every second person is a barista these days! Okay, maybe every third.. So, what is it that’s going to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd? It can no longer be a sweet styled moustache, a sleave of tattoo’s or a Steve Zissou beanie – these fads might have once given you a lot of street cred but you’ve now got to give more. 

What stands out for Mr Barista in a great barista is their ability to apply what we call the I %er’s to their coffee making. Doing this will take your average barista and make them into a more rounded barista, and also a more rounded employee. 

All of these 1%er’s add up to take your barista skills to the next level and will also have an impact on the taste of your coffee, your customers coffee experience and will get them walking in the door every day. 

Here we go… 

Purge, purge, purge 

Purge your steam wand. Purge your coffee machine. So simple to do and your equipment will thank you for it! It takes a second to purge a wand and the same time to press a pre-stored button on your machine.  

Wipeout your filter basket 

Wipeout of your coffee basket every time using a dry cloth. Every time. No hot water, no damp cloth. Let’s keep this basket dry!  

Why? As soon as coffee hits water the extraction process begins. We want to control this process. 

Placing your equipment in its home 

When you’re early in on your barista journey it really helps to place your tamp, milk jugs, milk containers, clothes etc… in the same spot once you’ve finished using them. This will save you a bucket load of time! Mr B guarantee’s it! Not having to look for your cloth to wipe your steam wand when you’ve got a docket rack full is gold. 

Smile and have fun 

Seems simple and it is. Smile. You’re making coffee and interacting with people. Enjoy it. 

Don’t be an arrogant jerk 

There’s not too much worse in a barista that only wants to work behind the coffee machine and that is all. No helping out on the floor, no taking customer orders, no considering what’s happening beyond their immediate radius. Let’s face it, you aren’t that special. We’re making coffee, not saving babies. Don’t be a jerk about it. 

Stick to your recipe 

Your recipe has been created by your roaster to help you to deliver delicious coffee time and again! If one of your shots falls out of what you’re working within then bin it. If you’re not willing to drink it yourself then you shouldn’t be serving it. 

Once you start, don’t stop 

This one seems simple. And it should be simple to achieve, but it’s not always the way. As soon as you start making a coffee your sole goal should be to finish that coffee and have it in your customer’s hands as quick as you can! The less time this whole process takes the better all-round coffee and café experience your beloved customers will have. 


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