Oct 25

My daily 15 minute ritual devoted to my coffee and to myself

Coffee for me is my morning anchor. Without it, I’m lost. I’ll find myself being swept away into the demands of the day without the aid of a life vest. All hell can break loose in the morning or during the day but with my anchor behind me, my morning cup of joe, the caffeine running through my veins, I can tackle whatever is thrown my way.

And what it is that I love about my coffee ritual is that it’s 15 minutes of the day that’s purely for me. I love the process of making my pouroverAeropress or espresso-based drink each and every morning. It’s me in my happy place. And this is before I’ve even taken that first sip!

It’s something that I have made, by myself, for myself.

It’s my morning coffee ritual, and it’s special and unique to me. It’s time for me, that no-one is taking away from.

What’s your morning coffee ritual?

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